My homework

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What is a book?

I have posted my response on the facebook group wall so now I will read Frans blog as a little treat.

I would rather talk about the Milibands TBH


Best job in the world?

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My Hero

Man vs. Food is my ultimate. I wish I had thought of the idea before then it would be called Becky vs. Food.

I also sort of fancy him. I like a man who can eat.


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Watch it:

I think I cried throughout the whole 90 minutes of this documentary. I think it costs $10 to send a child to school for a term, which is literally nothing. African children shouldn’t just be helped once a year for “Children in Need” but throughout. There should be more programmes like this instead of ones on people eat bath salts for fun or, god forbid, the state of the climate.

I know Polar bears are running out of ice , which is also very sad especially when they are so hungry they attack a fuck off walrus and lose. and die.:((((((.

My point: ” omg we like need to make the earth better for future generations” . No ,we  don’t ,we need to concentrate on people who are alive NOW. So instead of buying them fancy takeaway coffee cups that you can re-use , sponsor a child.


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Me: Nan it seems Robbie has forgiven Barlow now, maybe you should too?

Nan: Never


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Not so summer reads

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Since coming back from Glastonbury I have read two books: Alone in Berlin and The Little Stranger.

The latter I read first after a recommendation from Jess Owen and although it had a slow beginning, the last third of the book was terrifying. Sucky Sucky. The story is about how the Ayres family cope with living in such a dilapidated stately home which used to be the epitome of grandeur and their relationship with the at first charming but at the end, a bit rapey, Dr Faraday.

There is a specific section in the book, involving Mrs Ayres, a nursery and some kind of ghost running up and down the corridor which scared me so much I wanted to be sick.

But I really did enjoy the book and compared to the next book it was like an episode of Friends… mega sadface..

The second book I read was, Alone in Berlin.

Having an interest in all things World War two I thought this would be a good read, and it was, but it stressed me out. For the last week of reading the book I didnt sleep properly and when looking over photos from my trip to Berlin last year I keep thinking, oh what a lovely landmark I bet someone DIED by it. Stupid Gestapo.

The basic plot is about the Quangels, a couple who have just lost their son in the war and so fight against the Nazi regime by leaving propaganda postcards around the city. How berliners lived during the war amazes me as if you didnt join the Nazi Party you faced interrogation and possibly concentration camps.

The ending is very dark and at times funny, but utterly heartbreaking.

The book only got translated into English Last year but has been a bestseller in Germany and is actually based on a true story. Hans Fallada wrote the novel in twenty something days and I read it in much less than that.

Crushes of June/July

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