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David Attenborough is my Hero, if there is one person I want to be like when I’m older its him. I know my choice of courses in my education means I am probably not the best person the be a natural history expert, but I have learnt a lot through him. My prized possession is a signed copy of his “Life in cold blood” and a polaroid with him. He asked me if I was having a nice day. Which I was. His “Life on air” biography which I read for a second time in Kenya inspired me and whilst out walking I was lifting up rocks and poking funnel web spiders because thats what Dave would do. He’s an avid conversationalist, not a vegetarian and bang on trend with his chinos and denim shirt. He also has a lovely voice. If it wasn’t for Dave I wouldn’t know half as much about animals or care as much.



oh hi

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I love Pokemon, everyone knows this. I am getting Heartgold next week and I am DEAD excited. My favourite is Gengar , he is badass. We all have our guilty pleasures and this is mine.


” Fuck bloods and the crips, blastoise vs charizard nigga”

Me… on a bad day

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Nice things to put in your mouth

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Lemon Meringue Pie in a Krispy Kreme.

My favorite desert in a donut casing.. after I ate it I had an overwhelming feeling that I would never eat anything sweet again.

Two days later I think I’ve recovered.

Working Woman

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Now that I don’t make cocktails anymore or threaten to break customers arms for a living, I thought it would be appropriate to have a separate , more professional blog.


Naomi Campbell

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I know its a bit late but Naomi celebrated 25 years in the industry the other week. I love her. Second to her is Tyra. Here are my favorite Naomi moments:


  • When she hit her PA over the head with her crystal studded phone.
  • When she slapped her PA.
  • When she uses her hair as a weapon.
  • When I went dressed as her to my friend Jacks black party. I would post a picture but it might be seen as racist because it looks like I have just rubbed mud on my face.
  • When she said she had a lesbian affair with Kate Moss.
  • The whole blood diamonds scandal because A) The fact she said someone came into her bedroom in the middle of the night to give her the diamonds and when the Judge asked didn’t she think this was a little strange Naomi replied : ” I am used to men coming into my room in the night to give me gifts”, B) She thought nothing of the gift as she thought they were dirty little pebbles as she ” is used to seeing diamonds in a box”.
  • Finally my favorite moment is when she completed her five day community service stint and walked out in a $100,000 Dolce and Gabbana dress.